Medicinal Properties of Cannabis

*The medicinal effects of the cannabis sativa and cannabis indica plants are diverse, varied, and complex. Medical Marijuana can be useful in a wide variety of diseases and conditions of imbalance in the body, as well as help to regulate sleep, memory, pain, hunger, anxiety, overall psychic state, and feeling of well being. The overall types of cannabis can be classified as Sativa, Hybrid, or Indica. Within these overall classifications their exists thousands of strains (or chemovars), each having unique characteristics.

*The cannabis plant  holds a very complex arrangement of compounds and ingredients, mainly in 3 categories - cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavinoids. The cannabinoids are quite unique to the cannabis plant, and include THC and CBD, as well as many others. These cannabinoids and their different concentrations account for a considerable portion of the medicinal effect, as well as psychoactive effect. The plant terpenes, such as pinene, limonene, linalool, etc are also found in many other plants in nature such as pine trees, lemons, lavender, etc... Terpenes are physiologically active compounds that account for the taste, smell, and aroma of the cannabis flowers, and like the cannabinoids there are probably close to over 100 different types. The specific terpenes and their combinations in the plant allow for a wide variety of medicinal effects, along with the various cannabinoids. In addition, there are plant flavinoids which typically exert a lesser medicinal effect, but still play a role in the physiology of the plant.

*In addition to these components, each strain or type of plant is also influenced by its growing conditions, fertilizers, whether grown indoor, hydroponic, greenhouse or outdoor in nature. After harvesting, the curing and processing can also effect it's strength, potency, and taste.

*Because of the wide array of possible ingredients  in any given plant, and the possible combinations of these ingredients, the medicinal effects are varied and diverse for each strain. Within the strains, variations also arise based on growth factors, handling, and environmental conditions.

*Identifying, procuring, and selecting the proper strain  for your medical condition is what we do. Please be advised that the cannabis plant is also bimodal and biphasic when used medicinally. This means that the same exact type of cannabis, and same method and dose can result in opposite effects on different days. Also, the dosage is such that a small dose can have opposite effects than a large dose on the same day.  Please also insure that your strain has at least .5 -1.0% CBD in order to be medicinally effective. Current growers in Maryland are creating high THC strains in order to boost profits and increase sales for recreational use. These high THC strains are not as beneficial to patients, and may also cause some anxiety, particularly for new or naive users.

*Each patient also must determine  the dose, ingestion technique, strength, and method of use to best treat their condition. Because everyone may respond differently, this often requires experimentation and time to arrive at the desired effect, and we offer guidance for our patients as needed. We help  naive or new users to "weed" their way thru all the latest technology and varieties, ingestion techniques and strains, as this field is rapidly expanding particularly in light of all the processed products, oils, edibles, wax, etc... For experienced users, we can taylor their consumption to best create the effect they desire and also guide them about their choices. For new or naive users, the rule of thumb for ingestion is to start with a low dose and go slowly increasing the dose, allowing adequate time to take effect (smoking or vaping - 5 to 10 minutes.... edibles 45 -60 minutes).



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