Patient Guidelines


                   *Steps to receive Maryland Medical Cannabis*

*    Note: You must be a current Maryland resident, over the age of 18, no other states accepted until further notice  (posted 5/22/18)                                          

1 – Log on to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission website at

2 – Select the link for "Patients" on the home page.

3 – Click on the link to "Register".

4 – Complete the registration process on line all at one time (you can not save your work), and expect to obtain your mmcc registration number via e-mail in about 7-14 days. Please note you will need a passport type photo to upload when signing up at the site, a Maryland drivers license or state ID, and it may take a little time. It may be difficult to do on your cell phone, use a laptop or desktop if possible.

5 – Call your medical cannabis provider to schedule an appointment to receive medical authorization and approval. You can do this step first before signing up on mmcc, and get your mmcc number later after you visit with your provider for certification. You will need to text Dr. Manstof your 16 digit mmcc number once you receive it, or bring in a copy of it at your visit if you already have the number. Either way is fine...

6- Your office visit OR Telemedicine will take approximately ½-1 hour and the cost for certification by the provider is $200. This certification is good for 1 year. After the year is over, recertification is $150 and good for another year. Please bring your drivers license, list of medications, and pertinent medical records to your visit. Make a list of items you wish to talk about and write down any questions you have.  Please be aware that previous use of cannabis will not in any way disqualify you. make an appointment

7 – When approved, provider will log on to to issue certification within 24 hrs, and the  patient will now be certified and eligible to gain access to the dispensary of his choice - just show your ID or Drivers license to get in. This will allow access to any Maryland dispensary for your medication. However, it is recommended that you log back on to mmcc and pay $50 to obtain an actual card. We recommend this for convenience and safety in case of any legal issue!! It has a picture ID similar to your driver's license, certifies you as a medical cannabis user, and allows quick access to a dispensary. This may become mandatory so order your card NOW if you do not have one already.

Any questions please contact us - email your question here, call or text us at 301 471-4716 or contact the MMCC at 1-844-421-2571.


MMCC Patient Registry is experiencing very high volumes of applications for Medical Cannabis Registration. Please do not call or email the Commission unless it has been more than 45 days since submission of your initial application, or more than 30 days since you resubmitted a corrected application.

In order to be fair to all patients seeking registration, MMCC can not expedite the processing of an application for individuals that visit MMCC in person.  Our staff is happy to assist in registering a patient when needed, however, the application will be processed in the order it was received.  AS ALWAYS, HOSPICE APPLICATIONS ARE PROCESSED IMMEDIATELY.  

We appreciate your patience as our staff continues to process an extremely high volume of patient applications.  Additional staff has been hired to address the patient registration volumes.

NOTE: If you did not received a verification email immediately after you submitted your application, please contact the Commission at 410-487-8100.