Things to bring on your Doctor visit:

+Maryland Drivers License - we will photo copy both sides for you, must be a Maryland resident over 18 yrs. old.

+Pertinent Medical Records   -please request these from your doctor if needed, you can also use online records, prescription bottles with your meds, etc... You can fax to us at (301) 972 - 2700, send as a an email, or a pix via text, or please bring them with you.


+List of Current Medications  - please bring in a written list of your current medications, if applicable.


+$200 Registration Fee (cash, check, credit card)- we accept Master Card, Visa,  American Express, and Discover.

+Your MMCC 16 digit number   - this is optional, you can always get this later after your visit.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call, text, or email us!