*Maryland Cannabis group consists of specialists who are strong advocates for the use of medical cannabis for those patients who can benefit from it's use - to improve their overall health and  to treat any disease or condition for which it is indicated.

Residents of Maryland who seek wellness and balance in life can now obtain medical marijuana recommendations through Maryland Cannabis Consultants in Germantown. The medical team powering Maryland Cannabis Consultants abides by patient-first philosophies and treats patients with kindness, compassion, and respect. Dr. Manstof specializes in cannabis for patients undergoing cancer therapy including chemotherapy and radiation, for chronic pain, insomnia,  anxiety disorders, and for overall health and wellness. We consult any patient using cannabis including current medical cannabis card holders.


 Dr. Manstof leads the medical team behind Maryland Cannabis Consultants in Germantown. Dr. Manstof is a current mermbe of the International Cannabinoid Research Society, and trained as a cannabis care certificate holder. A dentist by trade, Dr. Manstof has more than 40 years of medical experience under his belt, and particularly experienced in pain control. A natural study, Dr. Manstof dove into medical cannabis to become one of the region’s leading and most well-researched experts. From the molecular layout of specific terpenes to how CBD and THC affect each of Maryland’s qualifying conditions, Dr. Manstof is as up-to-date with medical cannabis as possible. And he shares that knowledge with his patients. Dr. Manstof strives every day to empower his patients through invaluable cannabis education. In fact, Dr. Manstof spends as much time as needed with each of his medical marijuana patients to fully answer any questions they may have.  He provides his patients with a number they can call or text 24/7 to ask questions, or to inform him of any adverse responses to therapy. ~


Maryland Cannabis Consultants’ ultimate goal is to help folks throughout Maryland with their chronic ailments through educated medical cannabis use. We will help you select the proper strain, dosage, ingestion techniques, etc... for your individual needs. Having used medical marijuana to combat cancer, Dr. Manstof and Maryland Cannabis Consultants stand tall as Germantown’s most valuable medical marijuana resource in the area. Particularly skiiled in cancer therapy, chemotherapy and cachexia, as well as insomnia and sleeping disorders.


 Biography and Information


Dr. Stanley R Manstof D.D.S.

Dr. Stanley R. Manstof

MMCC Certified Provider

Member Americans for Safe Access

International Cannabinoid Research Society

Certified Patient Caregiver

Technical Cannabis Writer and Editor

301-471-4716 cell


E Mail: drstanman@aol.com