Appointment for Certification

Your appointment is made by reservation directly with Dr. Manstof via phone or text, who can certify you for medical cannabis.

Please call us at the above number to schedule your first visit.

During this call we can pre-verify you for your visit with the doctor and select an appointment time for you. If you receive our answering machine, please leave us a message for a return call. We will expedite your certification and give you a quick call back.

To schedule an appointment you may also send an email to in order to set up your visit. We can also receive your text message.

Our facility is my dental office located in Germantown at 12201 Greenridge Drive, Boyds, Md. 20841. This is a private and discrete setting, located in a quiet subdivision with ample parking, either in our lot or our cul de sac on Meadow lane.

Please visit us! 

For certifications, please bring your pertinent medical records, a Maryland drivers license, and the $200 fee by cash or major credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover). Recertifications are $150, and require a quick in person visit.

We also offer appointments for existing medical cannabis patients to discuss your therapy using cannabis effectively.

We look forward to serving you!


Do you know your strains?

Dr. Stanley R. Manstof DDS

Please always seek the advice of your doctor for any medical condition, and obtain regular medical care.  We are always available and able to communicate with your primary care physician or specialist concerning your treatment with cannabis, should you desire for us to contact them about your therapy.  Cannabis as a treatment is occasionally used as a direct therapy, but more often it is used to mitigate the symptoms of a disease, or as an alternative/supplemental therapy to pharmaceutical medications, and traditional medical care. 

(301) 471-4716

(301) 471-4716