Storing Your Cannabis Flowers

*Cannabis flower trichomes and resins, which house the predominant highest concentration of medicinal and psychoactive ingredients, require proper storage techniques to retain proper potency,  flavor, and longevity*

*Always store your cannabis in light proof containers once it is properly cured and dried. Sunlight, and light in general, can directly breakdown the THC and degrade the terpenes, cannabinoids, and other plant ingredients.

*Attempt to store your cannabis in a crush proof container, as mashing or pressure on the flower will break and hasten the trichome degradation as well as crush the buds into smaller pieces through friction and breakage.

*It is also important to consider an air tight container as the presence of fresh oxygen  will hasten the oxidation and breakdown of cannabis components, as well as prevent the release of some of the lower volatizing terpenes and resinous substances. It will also eliminate any odor in the vicinity of the cannabis.

*Humidity control is important as well, not unlike humidors for cigars. Cannabis stores best once it is properly cured, dried and prepared. Too moist and mold can develop, too dry and useful ingredients tend to dry out evaporate and degrade.  BOVIDA packs are designed to store your flowers and maintain a constant humidity level of 62%.  We ahve also found that 58% humidity packs are also very suitable!! They liberate moisture if needed, but absorb excess moisture as well if the cannabis is too moist or incompletely cured...

*Always store cannabis out of the reach of children, in a childproof container, and in a secure area from theft or pilferage.

*Dispensary containers are usually quite good and they label your cannabis with all the cannabinoid ingredients, percentages, and terpenes.  It may also contain personal information and the name of your provider along with a date and batch number, grower id, etc.... Your own labeling system may be needed if removed from the dispensary packaging and placed in other containers.

*The longer your storage time, the more careful you should be to follow the storage parameters.

*It is also better to have a master storage area, and a smaller sub storage area to prevent opening and closing of your container  excessively if you use cannabis frequently..

Cannabis buds or flowers degrade with time and this allows the THC present in the flowers to convert to CBN (cannabinol). The degradation lessens to overall THC content, but markedly increases the CBN content. CBN is a sedative cannabinoid used to induce sleep, relaxation, and inactivity. Most freshly harvested strains are very low in CBN, as it tends to accumulate with time and aging. Cannabis can last for years without going bad but as the CBN levels go up, THC levels drop and the cannabis becomes less psychoactive but more sleep inducing...