Renee’s Story 8/22/2018
     I can sleep now...
     My name is Renee and have been having difficulties with sleep and pain. I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in 1999 at the age of 36 with 5 children. I lost my sight in my left eye for 9 months, and I was numb from my waist down. I had constant burning over my entire body. On a regular basis I took cold baths to eliminate the burning. My bladder and bowels did their own thing, so you know I was a mess.

      I stayed in bed for months. My life was a scary experience for me and my children. To this day I have been on every MS medication and sleeping aids, steroids and controlled prescription medications. Today, I am on 1 MS medication which is a routine 6 month infusion, and medical marijuana. 
     I had stayed up for 4 days in a row previous to using cannabis and my body would not allow me to sleep. So my neurologist suggested medical marijuana to me. I went and was certified for Maryland medical cannabis and today I sleep GREAT and little to no leg and feet pain. I use a medical marijuana pen every night. My status is stable now.