Cannabis concentrates

Currently we favor the following concentrates - Dry Sift or Kief, Rosin, and Bubble Hash.

Dry Sift (Kief) is created without the use of any chemicals and is a natural extraction from the cannabis trichomes, and can be vaporized or smoked along with or on top of cannabis flowers.

Rosin is extracted from the cannabis flowers using high heat and pressure to exude and capture the resinous material from the trichomes which are squeezed out, often collected on parchment paper.

Bubble Hash is extracted from the lower leaf trichomes, and is processed using a micron screening technique, and ice water to freeze and remove the trichomes. The trichomes are filtered thru a series of micron mesh filter bags and then dried and pressed gently together.

Concentrates of other varieties often use various extraction chemicals (ie CO2, butane, glycol, etc..) and may require special ingestion techniques. They may offer more potentcy with a prolonged effect, and caution should be used when used medicinally.