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Maryland Cannabis Consultants is an established business in the field of cannabis health care, providing assistance and medical care services for all patients who use medical cannabis to treat their condition.


Responsive and Caring

MMCC  Maryland Medical Certifications

Doctors Certifications

Dr. Manstof is authorized by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commmision (MMCC) to approve qualifying patients to use cannabis in Maryland.  Office visits by appointment. Please call 301 471-4716 to schedule your visit.

Personal & Professional
Care for Medical Cannabis Patients

*Specializing in medical treatment plans for each individual patient in order to achieve the optimum result from medicinal cannabis and it's derivatives more...

 We respond promptly to both text, voice mail and e-mail and desire to be your partner in helping you treat your medical condition. Quick and efficient certifications and re-certifications for our all of our Maryland residents.


*MMCC certified provider to obtain medical cannabis in Maryland more...

*Consulting group with over 100 years combined experience focused on the medicinal aspects of the cannabis plant and its properties more...

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*Phone (301) 471-4716

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COVID -19 UPDATE Tele-medicine is now available in Maryland 

NEWS FLASH 2/16/2021 - Currently there is an industry-wide issue relating to the new web portal. affecting many dispensaries, patients, licensing certifications, and recertifications. This is causing widespread random issues patients may observe.